Does your garden work for you

Does your garden work for you

"Make yourself a drink, maybe grab a biscuit or two, and go for a walk around your garden. If it's raining outside, don't worry; you can still enjoy the view from indoors. Try to view your garden with a critical eye, as it's all too easy to 'not' see what is there every day. The overgrown border, the weedy paving, or the 'past its best' garden furniture – they all need addressing if you are to create a haven to relax or entertain in.

As you sip your drink and gaze out of the window, consider the potential of your outdoor space. What could it become with a little care and attention? Imagine lush, well-maintained borders bursting with colourful blooms, a clean and inviting pathway leading you to a cosy seating area, and stylish, comfortable garden furniture where you can unwind with friends and family.

Don't let the rain deter you from planning your garden's transformation, take this moment to dream, plan, and envision the garden of your dreams. With some love, effort, and perhaps a few gardening sessions on those rain-free days, you can turn your outdoor space into a true haven – a place where you can find solace, and reconnect with nature.

There are so many questions we can ask of our outside space and many and varied answers but one thing is for certain, it has been proven that time spent outdoors is good for every aspect of our being, and everyone deserves a beautiful garden.  

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